[gdal-dev] Bogus GeoJSON file or am I doing something wrong? (re-post)

Simon Eves simon.eves at omnisci.com
Tue Sep 24 11:52:22 PDT 2019

(re-posting as the first one ~2 weeks ago went into moderation quarantine
due to attachment size and I don't know if it ever came out again, but
certainly had no responses)

When our system imports (using GDAL) the attached GeoJSON file (of unknown
provenance, via our QA team) the geo (California counties) ends up
somewhere out in the Pacific and really small and slightly rotated.

I get the same results whether I import the file directly, or do a
Shapefile or WKT CSV conversion with ogr2ogr first (forcing to EPSG:4326).

Is the file bogus, or is GDAL not interpreting the original coordinate
system correctly?

This is all using GDAL 2.4.2, btw. We haven't made the leap to 3.x yet.

Simon Eves
Senior Graphics Engineer, Rendering Group
OmniSci, 1 Front St. #2650, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

Email: simon.eves at omnisci.com | Cell:  415.902.1996
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