[gdal-dev] skipping date type detection of GeoJSON properties

Keith Jenkins kgj2 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 8 06:39:43 PST 2020

> > I've just added a DATE_AS_STRING=YEs open option for such situations:
> > https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/commit/3a7914cee018d5b65dc1639368edbd8faac2543d

After further thought, I'm wondering about the name of the new option.

This is just about reading GeoJSON, right? If so, then I think a name
like PARSE_DATELIKE_FIELDS or DETECT_DATES would make more sense to
the user.

If I understand correctly, when converting to GeoJSON from other
formats, any date types will always be written as strings, regardless
of this option. The name "DATE_AS_STRING" makes it sound like the
option controls how the output is written.


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