[gdal-dev] Possible bug in gdal.TransformPoint() gdal 3.0.1

Deschamps, Benjamin (EC) benjamin.deschamps at canada.ca
Wed Jan 8 10:28:04 PST 2020

Thanks (as always!) Even for the quick response and good resources.

For posterity, that is osr, not ogr:

It also seems to impacts CRSs imported from WKT and PROJ4, not just from EPSG as indicated in the release note.


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> Not sure if this is a bug so posting here first...

This is an intented change of behaviour of GDAL 3. See

> from osgeo import osr
> in_crs = osr.SpatialReference()
> in_crs.ImportFromEPSG(4326)

If you want to keep long lat ordering, add



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