[gdal-dev] Recommended process for running a intersect test between a raster and a simple vector

jratike80 jukka.rahkonen at maanmittauslaitos.fi
Wed Jan 15 04:01:40 PST 2020

And if you are lucky the image has an alpha band that is light to polygonize.
A reserved tiff tag for saving the image footprint as WKT or json could be
nice but then I guess that GDALPamDataset should be extented to support one
more method for nodata. 

-Jukka Rahkonen-  

Patrick Young wrote
> One trick I like regarding accessing overview levels is to use the open
> option to snag a handle direct to the overview level (see Even's post
> http://erouault.blogspot.com/2014/10/warping-overviews-and-warped-overviews.html);
> then you can run polygonize against a much smaller dataset.  If it's a COG
> presumably it has internal overviews.

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