[gdal-dev] How to convert GeoJson to EsriJson

Lucas Caixeta Lucas GT4W lucascaixeta.gt4w at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 12:29:10 PST 2020

Hi, good evening!
I'm new on the use ofo org2org, trying to learn the library. I couldn't
find any info about it on google so I decide to ask it here.

I'm trying to convert a shape file into a esri json. I was able to convert
the shapefile to geojson, but was not able to convert the same file to

I tried to convert geojson to esrijson either but got an error
this message, ESRIJSON driver does not support data source creation.

$ ogr2ogr -f ESRIJSON  file_output.json cities.json
ERROR 1: ESRIJSON driver does not support data source creation.

I'm using GDAL 2.4.2, released 2019/06/28.
I know it seens a sily question, but any help wold be very welcome.
Thak you for all the attention.


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