[gdal-dev] TileDB multi-attribute, subdataset support

Norman Barker norman.barker at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 10:17:35 PST 2020


TL;DR; I would like to remove part of the API (creation and open options)
from the TileDB driver and move it to the GDAL multi-dimensional API.

The TileDB GDAL driver (new in 3.0) supports multiple attributes per pixel
value and also a version of copying netCDF and HDF files within the
standard SUBDATASET model. It seems this is better suited to the
multi-dimensional API within GDAL

I didn't document these additional pixel attribute options in
https://gdal.org/drivers/raster/tiledb.html#creation-options and you would
only really know about them if you looked at the tests -

Any objections if I remove this functionality and support for SUBDATASETS
and move it to the multi-dimensional API? It makes this driver easier to
maintain and use.

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