[gdal-dev] Experiments with the gdal_grid C API

Joaquim Manuel Freire Luís jluis at ualg.pt
Tue Jan 28 06:05:52 PST 2020

>> Should be -of MEM. That's tested in autotest/utilities/test_gdal_grid_lib.py

> An alternative is to use a /vsimem/temp.tif with the GTiff driver (but you need to VSIUnlink() > the file once done to avoid mem leaks). But the MEM driver should do it.

Cool, with -of MEM and still using "NUL" I was able to create a ~480 Mb compressed nc file so I interpret this as:

"It worked and it didn't get the grid from GDAL block cache"

> The gdal grid API doesn't support updating an existing dataset. If it had, then you could have > created a MEM dataset based on your own array.

That was one of my first thoughts but could find a way to send in MEM dataset. Maybe some day?

Thanks, I have something usable now.


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