[gdal-dev] Python Wheels for gdal

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Thu Jan 30 04:32:21 PST 2020

On jeudi 30 janvier 2020 13:09:03 CET Christoph Paulik wrote:
> Thanks for the hints Even. I could have thought about rasterio myself since
> I've used their wheels in the past.
> Are you open to a merge request for setting this up for the official gdal
> python packages?

It would certainly be handly for a number of people. It probably needs a bit a 
discussion about the plan before going to implementation.

To be honest, I'm not that familiar with Python wheels mechanisms.

I guess there are 2 valid use cases:
- people having the GDAL native lib (possibly they would have build 
themselves), and wanting to just install the Python bindings using this native 
lib. Use case currently covered
- people having nothing, and wanting to use the wheels

We would want to have both use cases possible. GDAL docs would have to be 

I'm not sure where we draw the line for GDAL dependencies bundled in the 
wheel. I think a criterion could be only FOSS dependencies, and with 
permissive licensing (non GPL typically) in the spirit of the base GDAL X/MIT 
license ?

What would be the process to create the wheels ? Probably the GDAL release 
procedure (HOWTO-RELEASE) would need extra steps.

If doable, sharing the effort, or having a common base at least, with rasterio 
would be appealing. Sean may have opinions regarding this.


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