[gdal-dev] ERROR 4 while using gdalwarp to mosaic and resample multiple ASTGTM zipped tiffs

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon Jun 15 06:23:16 PDT 2020

On lundi 15 juin 2020 13:01:43 CEST Panagiotis Sismanidis wrote:
> Hi,
> I have prepared a python script that uses gdalwarp to mosaic and resample
> ASTER DEM tiles, using as arguments the bounding box lat/lon coordinates
> and the width and height of the output Gtiff. It works fine, except when I
> use a quite large bbox (e.g. whole of Europe) where I get the gdal errors I
> include below. If I split my bbox in two and iteratively run the script
> there are no errors, all the tiffs are recognized without any issues, and
> the process completes successfully. Do you know what can cause this weird
> problem? Is it because of gdal or the OS?

I suspect you hit the default maximum number of simultaneously open file by a process on 
Linux, which is 1024. You could potentially raise the value with ulimit.


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