[gdal-dev] How to convert GDAL Vector dataset to memory stream

MRRAJESH rajeshreddy82 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 07:59:53 PDT 2020

Thanks Tamas for your information.

I am able to open the MVT data file using OGR. I have referred your example
and able to check the layer names and features.
My requirement is: I need to return this entire MVT data i.e., datasource in
stream format. How to achieve this?

In one of the GDAL-DEV thead, Even Rouault mentioned that "you should be
able to read that in-memory file with gdal.VSIFOpenL() and read
its content with gdal.VSIFReadL(). However I'm not sure that the C# bindings
have been updated to support those VSIF*L functions."

In Python and C++, VSIFReadL() is there to get the data. How to achieve the
same in C#?

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