[gdal-dev] extra column id is present when converted to csv from topojson

Wuyyuru Ravi Teja Krishna ravitejakrishna.w at zohocorp.com
Tue Jun 30 03:23:58 PDT 2020


I am using ogr2ogr with java bindings. When iam trying to convert a topojson file to a csv file an extra column named "id" is coming in converted csv file with null values. How can i convert from topojson to csv without getting such extra columns. 

the command i am using for conversion is as below

java -cp :gdal.jar -Djava.library.path=libs/ ogr2ogr "-s_srs" "CRS:84" "-t_srs" "CRS:84" "-f" "CSV" filename.csv filename.topojson "-lco" "GEOMETRY=AS_WKT"

Thanks in advance.
Any clarification regarding this issue will be helpful to us.
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