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Peter Hubner peter.hubner at ndpgroup.com
Wed May 6 11:39:31 PDT 2020

Hi all,
I just wanted to introduce myself and the team I work with. I am a
software engineer at NDP in Boulder CO working on a variety of projects
which utilize a lot of the capabilities inside of GDAL. The lab which we
support is the Boulder TAP Lab (https://www.boulderlab.org/)

On many of the projects we support, there has been a need to create a gdal
driver / format to natively ingest a specification of the hdf5 format.
Since this data type is used by mainy vendors, we thought the best approach
would be to contribute the code back to the community. This would serve a
couple of goals. 1. To supply an easy way for future vendors to access this
driver. 2. Provide code back to a community that has already provided
(indirectly) so much to our projects.

The format which we would like to include is called HDF5-R. (The R stands
for raster) The detailed documentation/spec for the HDF5-R schema is
available with sample data to registered users at boulderlab.org. Ihave
provided an initial pull request located here
https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/pull/2481. The code we are submitting for
incorporation has been validated with data from the Lab.

As for maintenance, the Lab in which this code is used will be providing
updates, if needed to support future projects and initiatives.

I hope that this can be an added benefit to an already awesome code base
and look forward to helping out where we can.

*Peter Hubner*

1909 26th Street, Suite 1E
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Office: 720.897.7332
Fax: 303-325-5136
peter.hubner at ndpgroup.com

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