[gdal-dev] Vector Tile Service

rmaddu . rajeshreddy82 at gmail.com
Mon May 11 22:14:49 PDT 2020

I need some help on usage of GDAL C# bindings to convert VRT to MVT. How do
I know that, below call is complete? We observed that below call is Async
(All the code lines are executed and Parent thread is waiting until the MVT
files/folders are created in disk). Is this correct?

I want to create a Vector Tile Service. My goal is to return the tile to
client once the tiles are generated. For this, whether the call is
completed or not? Below is the code, written in console app.

var options = new[]
          "-f", "MVT",
          "-dsco", "TILE_EXTENSION=pbf",
          "-dsco", "MINZOOM=0",
          "-dsco", "MAXZOOM=10",

      string input = @"C:\Temp\vrtfile.vrt";
      string output = @"C:\Temp\myMVTtiles";

using (
        Dataset ds = Gdal.OpenEx(input, 4, null, null, null))
        var newDs = Gdal.wrapper_GDALVectorTranslateDestName (output, ds,
gdalOptions, new Gdal.GDALProgressFuncDelegate(ProgressFunc), null);

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