[gdal-dev] Updated GDAL and PROJ, now certain datasets crash when calling GetGeoTransform

Craig Delancy cdelancy at blackfangtechnologies.com
Wed May 20 07:32:25 PDT 2020

I've just updated my PROJ and GDAL libraries from the github source again, building in debug configuration, and when testing discovered that certain datasets crash while other do not.
Specifically, when I call GetGeoTransform on the dataset, I get an exception on line 3395 of c_api.cpp.
The param new_geod_crs passed into the function proj_crs_alter_geodetic_crs is NULL.

When I open certain geotiff files to make the datasets, some work fine while others cause this crash. All were working before I updated the GDAL version. Previously I was on 3.0.0.
Is this a bug or have I messed up something on my end?

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