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That’s all correct. ArdSDE cdrom 10.1 was the last to receive on request. I was able to compile on Windows and Linux.
https://www.gisinternals.com/ maintain differents versions of GDAL for using wth MapServer.

Tale a look for ArcSDE, think it’s posible to found it.


Carlos Garcia 

En Jue, 3 Septiembre, 2020 en 1:25, Andreas Oxenstierna <ao at t-kartor.se> escribió:

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1 ArcSDE server-side SDK as GDAL uses it doesn't exist any more. ESRI moved all functionality to the client-side (e.g. ArcGIS) when rewriting ArcGIS Server to 64-bit. My memory is that was 10.1 but can be 10.2 as Johan write

2 You can store OGC-defined geometries in the native DBMS spatial format using the applicable SDE DBTUNE geometry storage keyword (for PostGIS: PG_GEOMETRY for Oracle: SDO_GEOMETRY)
   ESRI-specific geometries like text will still be stored in ESRI geometry format

3 If storing geometries in any ESRI geometry format like ST_GEOMETRY, you need to convert the geometries to something readable by MapServer. The most efficient is what I proposed, to use the functions installed by ArcGIS Server in the sde database schema

Dear Johan, 

Good question. 
So let me explain the problem. My organization is using ESRI desktop clients (mainly ArcGIS Desktop) to upload the spatial data to the databases used across the organization and publish it via network services. As DBMSs, we use Oracle and Postgres. We upload the data using Esri clients in versions 10.3.1 or 1.6.1.

Now I need GDAL to do two things:
1. Export the data form these databases to other formats.
2.  Use it to connect to MapServer to publish WMS, WFS services straight from databases.

So after looking through the documentation available online, I thought that using ArcSDE will be the best solution, but maybe there are better alternatives.

Best regards,

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I managed to compile this extension against ubuntu 14.04 with at that time gdal 1.10 , while helping a customer migrating away from arcSDE. 


At that time, it was only possible to receive this client sdk on cdrom (!). This was version 10.2, which I believe is the last version of ArcSDE. I guess it will be much harder to get it now. 

Are you sure you are still using arcsde?

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