[gdal-dev] chaining vsicurl, vsizip *and* vsitar ?

Landry Breuil breuil at craig.fr
Wed Sep 9 00:19:21 PDT 2020


cadastral parcels are distributed in various formats in france, one of 
them being EDIGEO within .tar.bz2 - those are available online as 
opendata, but all in a specially complicated way:

shapefiles at 
is readable via 

geojson at 
readable via 

edigeo at 
-> for this one i havent found a way to access the .THF inside the 
.tar.bz2, be it via 
or even with /E0000A01.THF at the end of the URL

looking at https://gdal.org/user/virtual_file_systems.html#chaining
is it possible to access a .tar.bz2 file with /vsitar or it only 
supports gzipped tars (from reading gdal/port/cpl_vsil_tar.cpp that's 
the case) ? should it be a feature request to support bzip archives ? Is 
there any interest in supporting that ?

Landry Breuil

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