[gdal-dev] gdal2tiles PDF --config GDAL_PDF_DPI option

py_qgis_user pepijn.szeker at tractebel.engie.com
Sat Sep 19 03:49:40 PDT 2020

I've been looking into the gdal2tiles code (both version 2.4.0 and 3.1.2),
but am quite unfamiliar with the gdal python library. I'm hoping for some
pointers on what I can test/look into to get the results i'm hoping for.

The input is a georeferenced PDF, with it's content being svg/vector instead
of raster. I noticed that using the* --config GDAL_PDF_DPI* option allows
for higher quality tiles at high zoom levels. E.g.:
gdal2tiles -r antialias -a 255 input.pdf test1 --config GDAL_PDF_DPI 600

But when also using the option *--processes=* (any number),  the
GDAL_PDF_DPI is somehow ignored/misinterpreted:
In V2.4.0, the option seems to be ignored, as tiles are created exactly the
same to the output with --config and --processes
In V3.1.2, the output is different, but faulty. It creates tiles according
the new DPI size/resolution, but only the zone of the original DPI
size/resolution contains content (e.g:for a pdf with size 100x100 at default
dpi, at double the DPI it will create tiles for the same georeferenced area
for a PDF at size 200x200, but only the top-left 100x100 contains content,
the other has nodata values)

Any ideas? Preferably in V2.4.0.

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