[gdal-dev] How to return an empty MVT tile with gdal.VectorTranslate in C++

MRRAJESH rajeshreddy82 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 02:45:27 PDT 2020


I am using below in C++ GDALVectorTranslate to create MVT files in vsibuf.
In this case, the input file in having zero features, hence it is not
creating tiles in memory.

     dst = (GDALDataset *)GDALVectorTranslate(vsibuf, NULL, 1, &hSrcDS, opt,

Whenever we accessing for an mvt file in vsibuf (below line)
example.../18/66027/96262.mvt file, no such file in memory (fp = NULL).

     VSILFILE* fp = VSIFOpenL(vsiMemFilename.c_str(), "rb");

In this scenario, we want to return an empty mvt tile with zero features to

How to get an empty mvt tile file with zero features? or How to create an
empty mvt file with no features using gdal?

Thanks in advance,


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