[gdal-dev] Clip feature while query from .gdb using OpenFileGDB driver

Yang dhyfb at foxmail.com
Wed Sep 30 01:00:51 PDT 2020

I am using OpenFileGDB driver to read .gdb data through the java binding,core codes:

        Layer layer = dataSource.GetLayer("layer_name");
        Feature feature = layer.GetNextFeature();
        while (feature != null) {
            feature = layer.GetNextFeature();

Now for a given feature I want to get the intersection geometry from the bounding box (the same as that used in the spatial filter), when using PostGIS, I can do that by

select ST_Intersect(geom,bbox) as clipped_geom from xx where geom && bbox.

So when using OpenFileGDB:

1 Can it do the intersection during the querying?

2 If not, does it mean I have to do the clip in java by myself? Does gdal provide some api?
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