[gdal-dev] Introducing the cogger and godal projects

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri Jun 4 09:32:43 PDT 2021

I haven't benchmarked cogger but I'd expect it to be much faster than 
gdal_translate -of COG (if your input is GeoTIFF and always properly 
tiled and compressed of course!). gdal_translate -of COG uses generic 
GDAL API to acquire input data, which implies decompression / 
recompression. And in particular, if using input GeoTIFF with lossy 
compressed methods such as JPEG or WebP, cogger will avoid adding any 
new loss.

Le 04/06/2021 à 18:28, thomas bonfort a écrit :
> I haven't extensively used -of COG (the cogger code actually predates 
> the cog driver) but iirc there are at least some cases where it uses 
> an intermediate file, which would imply that cogger does offer some 
> speedups. I'll let Even confirm...
> Regards,
> Thomas
> Le ven. 4 juin 2021 à 18:14, <Matt.Wilkie at yukon.ca 
> <mailto:Matt.Wilkie at yukon.ca>> a écrit :
>     Is cogger specifically for the scenario where your converting a
>     large imagery library that already exists, but isn't cloud
>     optimized? i.e. Does it offer any advantages over the one step
>     `gdal_translate -of cog ...` when starting fresh?
>     Cheers,
>     Matt
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