[gdal-dev] Renaming Sponsorships tiers to align with NumFOCUS ones

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Tue Jun 8 23:31:59 PDT 2021


-Jukka Rahkonen-

Even Rouault-2 wrote
> PSC,
> We've had a request from NumFOCUS to align the titles of the GDAL 
> sponsorship tiers with the ones of NumFOCUS, to limit the risk of 
> confusion, which was one topic discussed during last meeting.
> For reference, the ones of NumFOCUS are at 
> https://numfocus.org/sponsors/become-a-sponsor, so to get consistent, 
> our new levels would renamed as:
> - Gold (previously Platinum): 50k
> - Silver (previously Gold): 25k
> - Bronze (previously Silver): 10k
> This will help especially for actors that already have a relationship 
> with NumFOCUS and can be confused by the current non-alignment.
> NumFOCUS confirmed that companies that offer a sponsorship designated to 
> GDAL will receive both GDAL's benefits and NumFOCUS ones under that tier 
> (if they don't already benefit from NumFOCUS sponsorship at a higher 
> level because already sponsoring other NumFOCUS projects)
> I'm +1 for that change. I don't anticipate sponsors to mind about that 
> change. The different tiers and relative positioning with other actors 
> is probably what matters to them, more than the absolute title of the 
> tier. Anyway, we'll communicate that change to the current sponsors, and 
> adapt our own documentation.
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