[gdal-dev] Does gdal support Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) grid?

Bang Pham Huu b.phamhuu at jacobs-university.de
Mon Jun 14 04:08:42 PDT 2021

Thanks, my question is about like:

- using gdal_translate to subset an interested area from the tiff file
in MGRS grid.

- using gdalwarp which I can project a 2D Tiff file in MGRS to EPSG:4326
CRS for example.

Sorry, I don't have any MGRS file yet to understand the data, so I
needed to ask the GDAL mailing list first.

On 6/14/21 1:03 PM, Mike Taves wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jun 2021 at 20:49, Bang Pham Huu
> <b.phamhuu at jacobs-university.de> wrote:
>> I've questions regarding Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) grid data.
> If it's simple coordinate conversions to/from MGRS and UTM, a decent
> library is GeographicLib:
> https://geographiclib.sourceforge.io/html/GeoConvert.1.html
> https://geographiclib.sourceforge.io/cgi-bin/GeoConvert
> https://geographiclib.sourceforge.io/html/classGeographicLib_1_1MGRS.html

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