[gdal-dev] LJPEG Support for GDAL

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Wed Jun 16 11:07:43 PDT 2021

Le 16/06/2021 à 19:53, GeodudeKid a écrit :
> We can refer to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lossless_JPEG. "Besides
> lossless compression, JPEG-LS also provides a lossy mode ("near-lossless")
> where the maximum absolute error can be controlled by the encoder." That
> being said, would the existing JPEGLS driver be able to support lossless and
> lossy input imagery?

Its capabilities should match the ones of 
https://github.com/team-charls/charls :

"This project's goal is to provide a full implementation of the ISO/IEC 
14495-1:1999, "Lossless and near-lossless compression of continuous-tone 
still images: Baseline" standard."

But I'm not aware of Lossless JPEG (not sure which variant NITF refers 
to, if it is the " 1993 addition to JPEG standard " or JPEG-LS 
ISO-14495-1/ITU-T.87) being actually used in practice with NITF (at 
least I've never seen such beast). People generally use either good-old 
JPEG or JPEG-2000 if they want compression.



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