[gdal-dev] WMS using a Proxy

Elena Ruiz eruiz at aplitop.com
Wed Jun 30 01:21:49 PDT 2021

Hello, I need to access the information from a WMS server through a proxy. I would need to know exactly the syntax to use the proxy, I have tried the following:

 *   gdalinfo "WMS:https://www.idee.es/wms/PNOA/PNOA?service=wms&request=getcapabilities" -config GDAL_HTTP_PROXY xx.xxx.x.xx:3128 -config GDAL_HTTP_PROXYUSERPWD user:password -config GDAL_HTTP_AUTH NTLM

Would it be okay with the previous syntax? Can you repeat the word --config? Do you need quotes or brackets for the IP: port or user: password? in the case of GDAL_HTTP_AUTH, how to know whether to put NTLM or BASIC? and finally, is it better to put the parameters after gdalinfo or in the system variables?

I'm waiting for your answer, regards


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