[gdal-dev] Reading binary data from FileGDB

srweal steve_wealands at essolutions.com.au
Sun May 2 22:07:23 PDT 2021

Hey, thanks so much for the response Paul. I feel kind of useless with this
stuff but want to get more involved so I can contribute to GDAL eventually
(where possible). 

This code looks like it'd do exactly what I need and would be great to see
it end up within the source. Is that easy to create the PR for? I have been
using the compiled Windows binaries from the GISInternals site, but as you
mention, it'll take ages for changes to filter through to those releases.

I'd really like to build this out myself from your fork, but I'm only just
learning about the GDAL source and how to build it for use in
Windows/VS2019. I have managed to get it atleast building today and compiled
a gdal303.dll file, but can't really understand how to get C# wrappers, etc.

Are you able to send through the nmake.opt file you use, or else some dot
points about the build process required to get this going within VS/C#?

Previously I've just included pre-compiled gdal_csharp.dll, ogr_csharp.dll
and osr_csharp.dll files into my applications.

Thanks again. Be well.

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