[gdal-dev] New JP2Grok Driver for JPEG 2000

jratike80 jukka.rahkonen at maanmittauslaitos.fi
Tue May 4 05:51:04 PDT 2021

Hi Even,

You are right, Kakadu 8.x supports HTJ2K. I just had a try with the
kdu_compress demo utility from KDU805 demo apps.  The speed was good,
actually amazing. As a test image I used a 12000x12000 RGB image. The
kdu_compress command I took from this high qualite white-paper

kdu_compress -i p4433h.ppm -o tmp3.jph -rate 2 -tolerance 0 Qstep=0.001
-quiet -no_weights

As a reference I used

gdal_translate -of gtiff -co compress=jpeg p4433h.tif comp.tif

Results (total time disk-to-disk on Windows, SSD disk, laptop with Intel
core i7)

kdu_compress - JPH: 1.4 seconds (file size 36 MB, fixed size defined by
option -rate 2)
kdu_compress - JPH: 1.1 seconds (file size 90 MB, fixed size defined by
option -rate 5)
gdal_translate - TIFF: 13.1 seconds (file size 92 MB)

The Kakadu demo applications that can be acquired on request from the Kakadu
site are compiled without libtiff and therefore the input must be in ppm
format. Those who have access to Kakadu source code can compile the
applications with "KDU_INCLUDE_TIFF".

-Jukka Rahkonen-

Even Rouault-2 wrote
> I'm not sure which support of HTJ2K the ECW and MrSID SDKs have. I 
> believe there's such support Kakadu in recent releases, but might be 
> subject to extra fees (or perhaps for  faster support)

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