[gdal-dev] About packages auto-detection

Javier Jimenez Shaw j1 at jimenezshaw.com
Wed May 5 09:08:02 PDT 2021

>From time to time I have problems with the options that are automatically
selected by configure script on Unix systems (Linux and macOS). The current
behaviour is that if nothing is explicitly specified in the command line
(like --without-geos or --with-zstd=X), the configure script checks if that
particular package is installed in the build machine and links with it if
it is present.
The problem with that approach comes if you later run on a different
machine that might not have that package installed: Then the execution will
fail due to missing libraries. This whole procedure makes the compilation
dependent on the build machine configuration and it is more difficult to
have reproducible builds which are defined solely by code, since you must
remember to add any new option that may appear explicitly in your build
setup. Is there any possibility to disable the auto-detection globally,
i.e. have an option that disables all features that are not explicitly
enabled regardless of the build machine's configuration?

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