[gdal-dev] Misaligned Geotiff/MrSid

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Tue May 11 11:37:19 PDT 2021


The output of gdalinfo on 2 misaligned rasters would be more telling.


Le 11/05/2021 à 20:22, Brandon Boldenow a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I've been having an issue where VFR Raster Sectionals (from faa.gov 
> <http://faa.gov>) and MrSid imagery are misaligned when compared to my 
> other raster layers.In other software these appear correctly, so I 
> figure there must be something I'm doing wrong, but I haven't been 
> able to figure it out.
> Do you know what could cause this? I've attached some screenshots with 
> a reference point to show the misalignment - the black and white 
> satellite imagery is representative of what I see for most raster formats.
> Thanks in advance!
> https://pasteboard.co/K1qU2X2.png <https://pasteboard.co/K1qU2X2.png>
> https://pasteboard.co/K1qUkot.png <https://pasteboard.co/K1qUkot.png>
> https://pasteboard.co/K1qUsAW.png <https://pasteboard.co/K1qUsAW.png>
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