[gdal-dev] Removing trailing decimals from contour labels of shape files

Jason Snyder jmssnyder at ucdavis.edu
Fri May 14 17:28:23 PDT 2021

I tried making shape files of pressure from netcdf files using the
following commands using gdal:

gdal_contour -a pressure -i 4 -off 0 pressure.nc pressure.shp

I noticed that when displaying the graph in mapserver I get label values
such as 1010.00000000 whereas I want the labels to be whole numbers. How do
I tweak this code to get whole numbers for pressure contour labels in map

I have noticed that in the netcdf file pressure.nc that the pressure values
have three trailing decimal points after them so a pressure value in the
netcdf file will be 1010.000 instead of 1010. I also noticed that viewing
the dbf file. Do I need to fix the netcdf file to display intergers? If so
how do I do this?

Thank you for your time.

Jason Snyder
Jason Snyder PhD
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