[gdal-dev] gnu g++ v11 -fanalyzer - possibly NULL operator new

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Sat May 15 06:01:28 PDT 2021


this is definitely not production ready for C++.

It reports that "auto poDriver = new GDALCOGDriver();" could return 
NULL, which is obviously wrong.


Le 15/05/2021 à 14:24, Andrew C Aitchison a écrit :
> Ubuntu 21.04 has the option of the gcc-11 compiler suite.
> Although not ready for production use on C++ code*,
> it includes a static analyzer with the option '-fanalyzer'.
> Out of curiosity I tried using this option when building the geotiff 
> driver for 3.3.0; command line and output attempting to build 
> cogdriver.lo available at
> https://www.aitchison.me.uk/GDAL/make.cogdriver.errlog.gcc-fanalyzer.20210515
> (terminal colour escape codes may be mangled).
> Sadly my C++ isn't up to figuring out whether the analyzer is finding 
> bugs in the code or the code is finding bugs in the analyzer.
> * 
> https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2021/01/28/static-analysis-updates-in-gcc-11#what_s_next_for_gcc_11_and__fanalyzer
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