[gdal-dev] "OGR_SQLITE_SYNCHRONOUS" and "OGR_SQLITE_CACHE" accessible through Python bindings?

Met Bas Metabaseacc at gmail.com
Sat May 22 18:46:09 PDT 2021

Write speeds to GeoPackages appear to be going extremely slow in my use case.
GPKG/SQLite journal files are being created at the sizes of 10-25 kb
incrementally increasing the main geopackage file. This is saving on a drive
where such small incremental cause larger slowdowns, so I would like to
increase the size of these changes.

The configuration options "OGR_SQLITE_SYNCHRONOUS" and "OGR_SQLITE_CACHE"
appear relevant to increasing speed.

Is there a way in which I can set these options (limited to the scope of the
script being run) through Python?

Thank you,

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