[gdal-dev] Motion: adopt RFC 81: support for coordinate epochs in geospatial formats

Howard Butler howard at hobu.co
Thu May 27 06:01:33 PDT 2021

> On May 26, 2021, at 8:33 PM, Nyall Dawson <nyall.dawson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can I make the suggestion that a subset of
> https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/pull/3827 could be created and be merged
> on its own? Specifically the commits which add the underlying API for
> GDAL to handle epochs should be controversy-free and suitable for
> merge outside of the larger/trickier question of patching in support
> to the data formats.


As for the patching of data formats with GDAL application-specific metadata, as I said, I don't have a better option, but I'm satisfied if the process of writing epochs into metadata is opt-in (some kind of global CRS option? we already have magic switches like that).


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