[gdal-dev] ingesting .gpx files from FFI

Joaquim Manuel Freire Luís jluis at ualg.pt
Fri Oct 29 09:32:01 PDT 2021


Trying to read .gpx files from Julia (and I would bet, from python too but can’t test it) is showing puzzling results.
For example, with the attached gpx file I get this

julia> ds = gdalread("25708.gpx", gdataset=true);

julia> layer = getlayer(ds, 0)
Layer: waypoints (1)
  Geometry 0 (�∟*��): [1]
     Field 0 (ele): [Real]
     Field 1 (time): [9999]
     Field 2 (magvar): [Real]
     Field 3 (geoidheigh): [Real]
     Field 4 (name): [String]
Number of Fields: 23

But there are no Features in the layers, so I can’t get the data from the geometries

julia> GMT.Gdal.nfeature(layer)

HOWEVER, both the GDAL `ogr2ogr` command line or it’s Julia wrapper works in converting, e.g., to geopackage

julia> ogr2ogr("25708.gpx", dest="25708.gpkg")

and I can now plot "25708.gpkg" (not shown here but the plot can be seen in https://discourse.julialang.org/t/what-is-your-favorite-mapping-package/70509/22?u=joa-quim)

How is ogr2ogr able to read this file data?



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