[gdal-dev] autotest questions/issues

Sean Gillies sean at mapbox.com
Wed Sep 1 08:49:58 PDT 2021

Hi Robert,

On Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 1:30 AM Robert Coup <robert.coup at koordinates.com>

> ...
> GDAL has some odd test layouts with particular inter-test dependencies
> from when the test suite was bulk-ported via automation to work under
> pytest — this made it a lot saner, but some of the "test 18 depends on test
> 17 passing" issues remain.
> Rob :)

The test runner upgrades that you mentioned were a huge help. Now that GDAL
has a real maintenance budget we should be able to pay someone to tackle
the remaining issues in a methodical way. Run the tests in a random order,
say using https://pypi.org/project/pytest-random-order/, and fix the
setup/teardown so that tests are properly isolated.

Sean Gillies
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