[gdal-dev] test failures on pkgsrc build of 3.3.2rc3

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Fri Sep 3 06:49:13 PDT 2021

Thanks for all the hints so far about tests.  With the fopen/fread fix
(locally applied to 3.3.2rc3), and rtree added in to sqlite3 (which I'm
calling a bug in my world), I am down to:

FAILED ogr/ogr_gmt.py::test_ogr_gmt_2 - AssertionError: assert 1 == 0
FAILED gcore/cog.py::test_cog_small_world_to_web_mercator - assert [26228, 22...
FAILED gdrivers/aigrid.py::test_aigrid_broken - FileExistsError: [Errno 17] F...
FAILED gdrivers/eedai.py::test_eedai_GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS - assert ...
FAILED osr/osr_metacrs.py::TestMetaCRS::test_metacrs[WGS84 Geogrpahic 2D to CSPC Z3 USFT NAD83]
FAILED alg/warp.py::test_warp_53[cubic-generalCase-Byte] - assert 3965 in [39...
FAILED alg/warp.py::test_warp_53[cubic-generalCase-UInt16] - assert 3965 in [...
FAILED alg/warp.py::test_warp_53[cubic-generalCase-Int16] - assert 3965 in [3...
FAILED alg/warp.py::test_warp_53[cubic-default-Byte] - assert 3965 in [3942, ...
FAILED alg/warp.py::test_warp_53[cubic-default-UInt16] - assert 3965 in [3942...
FAILED alg/warp.py::test_warp_53[cubic-default-Int16] - assert 3965 in [3942,...
FAILED utilities/test_gdalwarp.py::test_gdalwarp_15 - AssertionError: Bad che...
= 12 failed, 7249 passed, 1479 skipped, 2 xfailed, 2 warnings in 713.86s (0:11:53) =

And now, the ogr_mitab test passes without crashing.  So there's
probably some error checking missing someplace and I'm no longer hitting
the case that triggers it.

Full log (minus ogr_mitab):


if anybody wants to look a it.

I will start to dig through these, but it smells like the warp ones are
the same problem, and this is now down to a non-scary number.  A few may
be due to proj 6.3.2 (with grids installed), but I haven't figured that
out yet.

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