[gdal-dev] ISCE raster changes from BIL to BIP after gdal_translate

Scott Staniewicz scott.stanie at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 16:45:56 PDT 2021

I've got a 2 band, band-interleaved-line file gendered from the ISCE
software. I was doing some subsetting of it with gdal_translate, and I
noticed that the format got changed to BIP:

$ ls
20130719_20150427.unw  20130719_20150427.unw.vrt  20130719_20150427.unw.xml

$ grep -i -n3 scheme 20130719_20150427.unw.xml
96-        <value>2</value>
97-        <doc>Number of image bands.</doc>
98-    </property>
99:    <property name="scheme">
100-        <value>BIL</value>
101:        <doc>Interleaving scheme of the image.</doc>
102-    </property>
103-    <property name="width">
104-        <value>586</value>

After running gdal_translate, the format has changed to BIP:

$ gdal_translate 20130719_20150427.unw test.unw -of ISCE
Input file size is 586, 882
0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.
(mapping) [scott at grace gdal-translate-bug]$ grep -i -n3 scheme test.unw.xml
11-  <property name="DATA_TYPE">
12-    <value>FLOAT</value>
13-  </property>
14:  <property name="SCHEME">
15-    <value>BIP</value>
16-  </property>
17-  <property name="BYTE_ORDER">

I'm assuming it's related to this line for creating a dataset with default


But I'm not familiar enough with the gdal_translate code to know where the
options are getting generated and passed here.
Any advice on where might be a good place to fix the ISCE raster generation?

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