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I am forwarding your message to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation Public
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those folks will have useful information for you. 


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Hello all, 

I am hoping someone can advise. I have a question in relation to creating
maps of villages/towns/counties that are copyright free. I need to produce a
few for a book from large scale to small scale. For instance - a map of the
South of Ireland showing main towns and transport network, to a map of a
village showing streets and main facilities such as post office. Are there
any that are either free or can be bought at a reasonable cost. 

Has anyone done this before. The costs of buying maps off the national
mapping agency here is prohibitive for this kind of thing.

Many thanks in advance. 


v.odonnell at ucc.ie 
 <http://cmrc.ucc.ie> http://cmrc.ucc.ie 

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