[OSGeodata] Fwd: GeoData Committee at Where 2.0

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Fri May 26 14:22:49 EDT 2006

dear Tyler, I really hope this isn't too late for consideration in the
Where handout that you've been making so much effort to put together.

Included is a draft of text which I tried to lather up with W* 2.0
rhetoric, and the bullet points lifted from the wiki. I am not sure what
to offer in terms of screenshots and would like to ask others if they
have anything suitable. An shot of an online editing interface could be 
good, one of the OSM interfaces or the Mapbuilder/Geoserver demo? 
Do you have a final deadline for getting hold of these? Will the final
handout be in colour like the template, or black and white?

On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 08:46:31PM -0700, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> I'm working on the flyers/brochures for the OSGeo Geodata project and need 
> information (noted below) for them.  I am aiming to wrap this up this week 
> hopefully


> -2 or 3 graphics, screenshots or images that represent your project
> -100-150 words describing the project

Geospatial data - geodata for short - is the source code for maps, the
building material for spatial applications. New models are emerging
for user participation in collecting, correcting and maintaining
geodata; the OpenStreetmap project is an early example with a lot of

In the US, a great amount of spatial and environmental data is in the
public domain. In most other countries it is subject to copyright and
heavier licensing fees that an enthusiast project or a small business
can afford.

The Public Geospatial Data Committee collects the experience of OSGeo
members who are working to introduce open source and open data
practise within government, academia and business. Where geodata is
openly available, we aim to help developers gain easier access to it
via common web standards.  We hope to raise awareness of the
importance of open access to data on the emerging "geospatial web",
and to create and promote tools that allow anyone to participate in
its creation.
> -5-10 bullets listing the 'core features' of your project

* Promoting the use of open and free standards for geodata exchange
* Promoting open licenses for geographic data
* Working for public access and contribution to national geodata
* Maintaining a respository of open-licensed data
* Providing support for educational packages for OSGeo projects
* Connecting open source projects to data holders

[[ if room also, plug following URLs? - http://openstreetmap.org/ ,
http://geodatacommons.umaine.edu/ - others? 

> -the main URL your project uses (osgeo.org-based one preferred)




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