[Geodata] The OSGeo Geodata Committee: what is to be done

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Jan 25 03:55:21 EST 2007

dear all, here is a broad summary of todo tasks for the OSGeo geodata
committee. A lot of foundational work has been done to get to 80/20,
and more eyes and hands on all of this would help a lot come out.  

1/ Fixing the geodata committee web presence.
http://geodata.osgeo.org/ redirects to http://www.osgeo.org/geodata/
This is *very* out of date, needs updating with a lot of context from
the wiki, images added, etc. 
I would like for the geodata site to have its own sub-navigation, etc, 
as in the design sketches Jody did for WebCom aeons ago, but this can wait. 
I would be happy to produce and scan paper sketches to help bootstrap.

2/ Making a front-end to the geodata repository site.
http://public.geodata.osgeo.org/ points to a telascience server. 
I'd imagined something between an OpenLayers UI and http://geometa.info/
Nothing to see yet, because this leads into...

3/ Co-ordinating the setup and maintenance of a GeoNetwork instance on
the telascience systems. John Graham worked on install and
configuration a lot before the New Year. I got 85% there on a metadata
collecting daemon that crawls a local filesystem, indexes it, tries to
nag responsible people and emits ISO19915/39 metadata that GN can eat.
I *do* want to spend my limited screentime minutes finishing this RSN.
Remember: no data without metadata, no metadata without data!

4/ Generally mentoring / being point of contact for, people who are
working on geodata repository efforts or interested in doing so. 
This should come down to being aware of what systems exist, who's
working on what, helping people solve config problems.  

5/ Writing a primer about open data licensing that connects geodata
licensing concerns to the bigger picture, based on the collection at

6/ Joining the dots more with the Edu Committee activity. The focus
there has been on coursework material, because that's what its active
people have in their possession. Original dreams were more oriented
towards data packaging for active self tutorial, the work Helena in 
partic. was doing to replace spearfish. 

Perhaps a trac instance would help to manage this. Tyler, any thoughts
about or help with meta-organising would be much appreciated.

If you get this via the discuss list and have time/focus to help, please
join the geodata committee list (which is reasonably high signal/low
traffic) and follow up there.
I hope we'll have a VOIP/Skype meeting next Thursday Feb 1st, 1600GMT



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