[Geodata] dclite4g for geospatial metadata - new namespace and schema

jo at frot.org jo at frot.org
Thu Sep 4 08:47:47 EDT 2008

dear all,

As a byproduct of a bit more work on the DCLite4G model,
it now has a proper namespace for use in XML documents and an
accompanying OWL ontology. 


The model has been simplified so there is now no longer the
distinction between abstract "Data Set" and concrete (e.g.
downloadable) "Data Source". Instead there is a new "Series" type
wihch can be used to collect data sets together in various ways (a
series of snapshots or slices over time, a set of tiles,
a set of different representations of a common data set).

has a commented example of the new simplified dclite4g used to enhance
Dublin Core metadata in RDF/XML.

I hope this will be of use particularly for those wanting to produce
"INSPIRE-compliant" metadata from existing Dubl Core-oriented
repositories without going the IS19115 route. 



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