[Geodata] Request to host the "greek" CORINE land cover map at OSGeo

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Jan 26 06:49:33 EST 2009

Dear Public Geospatial Data Committee at OSgeo,

I kindly request your attention concerning a dataset I would like to
upload on a server relevant with public geodata.

It is about the "greek" part of the CORINE2000 land cover/use map [1]. I
know many people who would like to have this dataset beforehand since
they are interested to work with it but lack of some technical skills to
build it using the tiles provided by EEA. The dataset is about ~86MB

In addition I have prepared a tutorial _in greek_ which is both, an
introduction to GRASS-GIS and a step-by-step description on how to build
the "greek" CORINE map [2].

*I can sent the tutorial if asked, it's a 2.6MB pdf file*.

The tutorial is a follow-up to the _first_ tutorial (in the greek
language as well) published back in May 2008 [3] in the blog Tilaphos

There are several reasons for which this blog was chosen to publish the
tutorial and kindly accepted by Mr. Zachariadis [5]. The blog is
dedicated to the promotion of public information to... well, the public!
Among others, Mr. Dimitris Zachariadis has implemented important open
access datablogs [6].

Having said that, I would like the current tutorial to be published in
the blog Tilaphos and the dataset to be available at Public Geospatial
Data at OSGeo. A link and a short comment about what P-Geodata-OSGeo is
will be placed in the blog Tilaphos.

I hope there are no objections and any licensing issues [10].

Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards, Nikos

[1] http://dataservice.eea.europa.eu/dataservice/metadetails.asp?id=950

[2] The tutorial still needs a last check! Part I of the tutorial deals
with the CORINE map for the Peloponnese peninsula, and part II,
describes the reprodution process of the "greek" CORINE map.


[4] http://tilaphos.blogspot.com/

[5] Actually, I have to credit the idea about writing a tutorial in
greek to Mr. Zachariadis

[6] Datablogs:

1. a fire-datablog which gets MODIS-FIRMS hotspots and returns distance
from closest city/town using the Geonames geographical database [7]

2. a community maintained datablog concenrning environmental issues over
the greek territory [8].

3. a "datablog-reforest", also community maintained, which is an open
access database for burned areas in Greece [9].

[7] http://tilaphos-fires.blogspot.com/

[8] http://tilaphos-reforest.blogspot.com/

[9] http://eco-topos.blogspot.com/2009/01/blog-post_18.html

[10] Copy-pasted from EEA's webpage:

        EEA grants free access to all its data/applications provided
        that the user agrees: 
        · to acknowledge the source as follows: Copyright EEA,
        Copenhagen, 2007 
        · to display a link to the EEA web site
        · not to use the data/applications for commercial purposes
        unless the Agency has expressly granted the right to do so

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