[Geodata] GeoData Hosting Requests

David William Bitner bitner at gyttja.org
Tue Jan 27 08:42:24 EST 2009

Committee Members,

As to the request to host the recent request for hosting, I would like to
propose three thresholds that must be met given our current activity level
for any data to be hosted.

First: Obviously, we must be satisfied that the dataset is indeed able to be
freely redistributed. (John,Norman -- can you please clarify the exact
threshold required by Telascience -- are datasets that are limited to
non-commercial uses ok?)

Second: The data comes with sufficient metadata.

Third: The person seeking hosting is able to find a champion with access to
the Telascience servers willing to either set something up, or to get the
person access and show them the ropes.  This is similar to the SAC rules on
giving access to TRAC/SVN etc on OSGeo servers.


David William Bitner
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