[Geodata] Request for Proposals: Measuring Public Value of Geospatial Commons: A MetroGIS Case Study

David William Bitner david.bitner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 11:40:52 EDT 2010

Greetings GeoData folks.

I am on the Coordinating group for MetroGIS, a regional data sharing
collaborative in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area.  We
are currently seeking (deadline April 16th) RFPs to work on an FGDC Cap
Grant we have recently received. This study has potential to have very wide
ranging impacts as it looks at how data policy impacts parcel data
availability in the United States.

Full information for the RFP can be found at

>From the introduction:

The MetroGIS community has been awarded a 2010 NSDI Category 5 CAP grant in
the amount of $50,000. The project involves conducting a Return on
Investment (ROI) case study and creating a prototype of a replicable
methodology capable of quantifying value (direct and indirect) to both the
taxpayer and participating government organizations when government
organizations share geospatial data, in particular, parcel data that adheres
to standards that support interoperability.

MetroGIS is a regional geospatial collaborative serving the seven-county,
Minneapolis- St. Paul metropolitan area. Participants include
representatives of local, county, regional, state, and federal government
entities serving the region, as well as private industries, utilities,
non-profits, and educational institutions.

The proposed Quantify Public Value (QPV) methodology will extend the ROI
methodology developed by Geospatial Information & Technology Association
(GITA) to account for multiple uses and reuse chains. A range of MetroGIS
community interests, in its broadest sense, using and producing
parcel-related data, comprises the project domain. The geographical and
administrative focus of the project is Hennepin County, the largest county
in Minnesota and 33rd in the United States (by population). The premise is
that demonstrating public value created though data sharing is key to
addressing matters of policy that hamper fully realizing the potential of
spatial data infrastructure (SDI) not only in a regional context, such as
fostered by MetroGIS, but also at the state and national levels. QPV takes
into account value chains and reuse benefits over a longer-term perspective.
Understanding the public value of data sharing is a key issue in discussions
surrounding SDI development and continued support.


David William Bitner
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