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Dear Sir and Madam,

I am a blogger of Geo-medeelel, which means geoinformatics or geospatial by
Mongolian language, and also a founder of Mongolian Geospatial Association.
Our main activity is monthly meeting, Geo-meeting, which is members of the
association, researchers, professionals, users and students of Mongolian
geospatial industry. Moreover, we are want to host geo-seminar event for
education based on the your training curriculum and tutorials.

We want to join Geo For All initiative and we will deliver the your
information to Mongolian geospatial users, researchers and labs in the our
monthly event and Geo-seminar.

The following are our institution informaiton:

Name: Mongolian Geospatial Assocation
Contacts: Ochirkhuyag Lkhamjav (Chairman of Board), Amar Tungalag (CEO)
Locations: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Website: http://www.geomedeelel.mn
E-mail: mongeoinfo at gmail.com

Please register to our organisation and advice for us the next process.

Best regards,
Гео-мэдээлэл / Geospatial
Блоггер / Blogger

Монголын Гео-мэдээллийн Холбоо / Mongolian Geospatial Association (
Зайнаас тандан судлал/Газарзүйн мэдээллийн системийн тухай
(About Remote Sensing/GIS)
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