[GeoForAll-AsiaAustralia] apply to join in Geo for All Lab(to the members in charge)

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Sun Jun 2 18:16:58 PDT 2019

Dear Sir

I appreciate your attention!

We are the team of Northwest Land and Resources Research Center of Shaanxi
Normal University which is located in Xi’an city of China, one of the four
ancient capitals of the world. I am writing to you for the purpose of
applying to be the new member of the Geo-for-all Lab.

Shaanxi Normal University is one of the main normal universities for
nurturing junior high school/high school teachers in China. The geography
education and research of the university has long history and is very
distinctive.We focus on the sustainable development of regions and cities,
and carry out basic and application topics of urbanization development,
land consolidation, regional ecological assessment and poverty problem,
etc. We actively apply open source GIS technologies to scientific research,
as well as to graduate and undergraduate education.

We strongly agree with the belief of Geo for All and have been doing
similar practices in the past few years. We have checked the requirement
and would apply to join the organization. We look forward to promoting open
source GIS technologies to western China and other areas, as well as
sharing our experience with other members in the Geo for All network.

University website: http://www.snnu.edu.cn

Institute website: http://gtzy.snnu.edu.cn

Thank you for your consideration!

Yours sincerely

Li Jiyuan

Coordinator of Northwest Land and Resources Research Center

Shaanxi Normal University
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