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Tue Mar 9 03:50:37 PST 2021

Creo que es importante lograr la mayor participación posible...

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Departamento de Geomática
Dirección Nacional de Topografía
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De: Victoria Rautenbach <victoria.rautenbach at gmail.com>
Enviado: martes, 09 de marzo de 2021 6:15
Asunto: Invitation: GeoforAll AGM - When2Meet and Slide deck

Dear GeoforAll Lab leaders

Firstly, apologies for cross-posting. Most of you might have received
this email via the mailing list already, but I thought I would email
you directly as well.

As you might know, we are planning the first GeoforAll AGM this year.
The AGM will be an excellent opportunity to see what everyone in our
network is working on.

Below is all the information. But I would like to request that you or
a colleague please consider attending and speaking at the AGM about
your lab's work. The draft slide deck is available here,

Then, we will finalize the date and time tomorrow at noon if you have
not indicated your preferred time, please do so,

If you have any questions, let me know. Thank you in advance.


On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 9:00 PM Victoria Rautenbach
<victoria.rautenbach at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear All
> I hope this email finds you well.
> As discussed at the meeting earlier this year, we decided to have an
> AGM this year (you can read the minutes of the previous meeting here,
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/2021_GeoforAll_planning_meeting). The idea
> of the AGM is to provide a platform for labs to promote their work and
> also learn more about other work in the network. Thus, I would
> encourage as many labs as possible to attend and present.
> Firstly, we need to find a day and time for the AGM. I think we will
> need up to 3 hours (including a break) depending on the number of labs
> that are available to present. To determine the time and date, I
> created a When2Meet poll (thanks for the suggestion, Rafael), please
> add your prefered times, https://www.when2meet.com/?11216296-MONDu
> I started a slide deck for the AGM, it is still a work in progress,
> please start adding information about the lab or any other work in the
> network. I would appreciate it if you add your name in the notes so
> that we just can keep track of how it is presented on the slide. You
> can access the slides here,
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LikHzjWcuEekyMBFpDHd5iV-IS0K-sN0/view?usp=sharing
> Thank you all in advance. I am excited to see what you are all busy
> within your labs.
> Regards
> Victoria

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