[Geo4All] Exclusive use of AGOL for POD Facilitation Academy?

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Dear Lori,

Happy New Year. Thanks to Sergio Acosta y Lara for introducing us to you.

Your initiative is excellent  but I do not understand why is exclusively for one properitery GIS vendor only ?  Why are others excluded  ? If so why? Why is Open Principles not included fundamentally in the program?

Openness is fundamental in harnessing the true potential of Geospatial Data Science and expanding digital economy opportunities for all (not just benifitting one vendor!). There is excellent resources developed by our colleagues in USA all in creative commons licence which you are welcome to make use of . These lectures and labs are freely available for you to use and are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. The lectures and labs are aligned to the Geospatial Technology Competency Model and all labs focus on the use of Free and Open Source GIS Software (FOSS4G).The development of the original documents was funded by the Department of Labor (DOL) Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant No.  TC-22525-11-60-A-48; Details are at http://spatialquerylab.com/foss4g-academy-curriculum/

Why are Open Principles important in education? Please see the links below




We have moral responsibility to be the voice for open principles in geoeducation and protect open principles for our future generations. We welcome everyone interested to join synergies and work together to support open principles in geoeducation and enable Geo technologies in empowering communities and helping improving the Quality of Life and standards of living for everyone. Let us all work together to help create a world that is more accessible, equitable and full of innovation and opportunities for everyone.

Please contact us for any details needed. Our US colleagues are in this list and happy to answer any specific queries you have. We are looking forward to work with you. Happy Year of Open 2017 [1].

Best wishes,


Dr. Suchith Anand



GeoForAll – Building and expanding Open Geospatial Science

[1] http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2017/01/happy-year-of-open-2017/
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Here is the answer to my inquiry. US colleagues may find this at least interesting but others can also express their opinions. As Lori says we should certainly talk.

Happy open year,

Sergio Acosta y Lara
Departamento de Geomática
Dirección Nacional de Topografía
Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas
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Greetings Sergio,
Thank you for your inquiry. You raise an interesting question. My initial reaction was yes, this is an AGOL-exclusive project. However, I’ve thought about it and we might be open to other systems. Allow me to explain my concerns.

Before we go much further, I notice you are from Uruguay. The POD program is funded by the National Science Foundation, which is funded by taxpayer monies. Facilitators and teachers who attend the POD Teacher Workshops must be American citizens or permanent resident aliens to receive stipends from this project.

Now the explanation: all of our instruction and materials assume use of AGOL Org accounts. Since this is a research project, we ask Facilitators to run POD Teacher Workshops with integrity. We’ve laid out 7 design principles they must follow; none are software-dependent. I think someone could conceivably accomplish the goals of POD with another GIS, assuming the software allows for robust geospatial analyses. However, changing the software would require the Facilitator to rewrite most of the instructional materials and that is no easy task (I think the Facilitation Guide alone is over 200 pages).

The next layer of complexity is our research hinges on teachers implementing the Geospatial Inquiry lessons in classrooms. If GIS becomes so tedious to use and prep data that it doesn’t get into classrooms, the whole Workshop is for naught.

If you are currently working with US teachers who are already comfortable using a GIS other than ArcGIS online, that’s a different story.  We should talk.

Regards and Happy New Year!

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Thanks for sharing this. Do you need to be an ArcGIS Online user exclusively in order to apply?


Sergio Acosta y Lara
Departamento de Geomática
Dirección Nacional de Topografía
Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas
(598)29157933 ints. 20329/20330
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Asunto: [EdGIS] Apply Today! Power of Data Facilitation Academy June 19-23, 2017 in Flagstaff

The Power of Data (POD) is a professional development program that enables secondary teachers to increase students’ content knowledge, 21st Century Skills and awareness of geospatial technology careers through Geospatial Inquiry<http://www.pod-stem.org/geospatial-inquiry/> and data analysis.
We are seeking 15 exceptional professional development coordinators, science/STEM curriculum coordinators, college faculty, and any individuals who support practicing 6-12 grade teachers on a regular basis to apply to attend our POD Facilitation Academy to learn to replicate POD Teacher Workshops across the nation. Teams are especially encouraged to apply.
Facilitators will receive: 1) $500 for completion of the Facilitation Academy 2) $900 to offset cost of travel to Flagstaff; 3) $500 after each of two POD Teacher Workshops delivered ($1000 total); 4) $250 after submitting data from POD Teacher Workshop participants and their students for each of the two POD Teacher Workshops implemented ($500 total). Teacher Workshop participants will also be compensated for participating.
To find out more and to apply, visit www.pod-stem.org<http://www.pod-stem.org>
This work is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation - DRL #1513287

Lori Rubino-Hare
Professional Development Coordinator
Northern Arizona University
Center for Science Teaching and Learning
PO Box 5697
700 S. Osborne Drive, Science and Health Building #36, Room 534
Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5697
928-523-6008/928-523-7953 Fax

Principal Investigator, NSF ITEST Power of Data Project

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Power of Data Project<http://changetheequation.org/power-data-project> – A Change the Equation STEMWorks accomplished STEM program and Esri SAG Award Winning Program

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Check out the free, open, online course, Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online<https://sites.google.com/site/eyepodadvancedonline/>
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