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Dear Geo for All colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you the call for abstracts
<https://2018.stateofthemap.org/academictrack/> for the Academic Track of
the next State of the Map (SotM) conference, that will take place at
Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy on July 28-30, 2018.

Please note that the submission deadline is *March 4, 2018*. For any
question, please feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Marco Minghini, Ph.D.
GEOlab, Politecnico di Milano - DICA
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano (Italy)
+39 02 23996409
marco.minghini at polimi.it
@MarcoMinghini <https://twitter.com/MarcoMinghini>



In parallel to the standard sessions, this year State of the Map will run
an Academic Track session to showcase the great importance OpenStreetMap
has gained within the scientific and academic communities. The Academic
Track aims to bring together and foster interactions between OpenStreetMap
contributors and scientific researchers from all over the world.
Consequently this will demonstrate both the potential and maturity of
scientific investigations based on OpenStreetMap to the whole community and
stimulate a beneficial discussion among the attendees. Contributions are
expected to address any scientific aspect related to OpenStreetMap, in
particular, but not limited, to the following:

   - quality of OpenStreetMap data
   - analysis of contribution patterns in OpenStreetMap
   - exploitation of OpenStreetMap data to generate new scientifically
   valuable datasets
   - integration of OpenStreetMap data with other datasets to generate new
   scientifically valuable datasets
   - scientific applications of OpenStreetMap
   - new approaches to facilitate or improve data collection in
   OpenStreetMap (e.g. through gamification or Citizen Science approaches)
   - literature reviews on specific aspects of OpenStreetMap
   - creating better connections and collaborations between the scientific
   community and the OpenStreetMap community
   - open research problems in OpenStreetMap and challenges for the
   scientific community

Authors are invited to submit abstracts using this form
Deadline for submission is *March 4, 2018*.

The maximum length of the abstract is *2500 characters*. Abstracts must be
scientifically rigorous and structured as follows: introduction/background,
where the problem addressed is introduced; main aim or purpose of the
study; brief description of the methodology and findings achieved; final
discussion highlighting the scientific contribution of the study and its
practical benefits/implications. Abstracts describing the use, analysis and
processing of OpenStreetMap data for new and unconventional
applications/disciplines are particularly encouraged.

Abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. Authors of
selected abstracts will be invited to give an oral presentation during the
Academic Track sessions at the conference. In addition, authors of selected
abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper for the Special Issue Open
Source Geospatial Software
<https://opengeospatialdata.springeropen.com/osgs> of the journal Open
Geospatial Data, Software and Standards

*Scientific Committee*

   - *Dr. Marco Minghini* - Politecnico di Milano, Department of Civil and
   Environmental Engineering, Italy
   - *Dr. Peter Mooney* - Maynooth University, Department of Computer
   Science, Ireland
   - *Dr. Vyron Antoniou* - Geographic Directorate, Hellenic Army General
   Staff, Greece
   - *Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli* - Politecnico di Milano, Department of
   Civil and Environmental Engineering, Italy
   - *Dr. Frank Ostermann* - University of Twente, Faculty of
   Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), The Netherlands
   - *Dr. Amin Mobasheri* - GIScience Research Group, Institute of
   Geography, Heidelberg University, Germany
   - *Joost Schouppe* - OpenStreetMap Belgium, Belgium
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