[GeoNode-devel] [Incubator] MOTION: Accept GeoNode into incubation

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 11:40:59 PDT 2015

> > I not the request to transfer (c) from OpenPlans to OSgeo. OpenPlans
> already
> > has paperwork to that effect on file - ideally we would have their agent
> (or
> > employee) do the transfer (update the headers etc...). For GeoServer we
> got
> > a letter written and sent to the board, and then the community updated
> the
> > headers in response to this "request".
> I have no idea who to talk to at OpenPlans anymore. We can try to poke
> around.

That is also something we can ask OSGeo to do on behalf of the project.
Still it would be nice to provide the board someone (since
http://openplans.org is just a big thanks you message at the moment).

> I was interested in the request to move downloads, website and mailing
> list
> > to OSGeo. Where are downloads located now?
> The downloads are in a few places. Ubuntu/debian packages are hosted
> on launchpad, python packages are on pypi. Most people use one of the
> two or just install from source off of github. We dont really provide
> a downloadable package that would need to go on osgeo. The mailing
> list is already hosted on osgeo and the website is hosted on github
> pages. We have a jenkins build server on amazon and also use travis.
> Let us know if there are any other issues we can help with.

The above was curiosity, rather than an issue :)

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