[GeoNode-devel] Geonode 2.4 status

Simone Dalmasso simone.dalmasso at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 08:50:36 PDT 2015

Dear devs, I'd like to recap about the status of the 2.4 and call for some
last help from the community to close the last few bugs.

GeoNode 2.4 is great, the community did a really fantastic job, we got
users giving feedbacks and suggestions, developers throwing in ideas and
fixing issues. We had an awesome code sprint in February where we
registered one of the highest peaks in the GeoNode commits history. Now
it's time to make the release to see the results of the work done so far
but there are few bugs to close, see here:

many of them are already assigned, some of them are related to geoexplorer
or geoserver but none of them seems to be really big and we need someone
that knows how to deal with.

If the assignee of the bugs could take a look at their tickets and give a
feedback, it will help a lot. If you don't have time to fix them, just
write some words to suggest how others can take on.

Please add comments to this thread.

Thanks a lot to everyone!

The GeoNode dev team
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